%EDITC Built-In Functions in rpgle

It is used to concatenate a string with a numeric. It is used in the form %EDITC (string: ‘X’).


Example –%editc built-in function in rpgle

0001.00 da                s             10a   inz('shyam')
0002.00 db                s             10p 0 inz(20)
0003.00 dc                s             10a   inz('amit')
0004.00 dd                s             10s 0 inz(12)
0005.00 de                s             10a   inz(‘jaiswal’)
0006.00 dout              s             50a
0007.00 c                   eval      out=a+%editc(b:'X')+c+%editc(d:'X')+e
0009.00 c     out           dsply
0010.00 c                   seton                                            lr



DSPLY  shyam     0000000020amit    0000000012jaiswal



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