·         Sometimes we are not able to get the desire editing result by EDTCDE. In that case it is better to go for EDTWRD.

·         In the EDTWRD parameter we specify the format matching the required data.

·         This keyword is valid only for numeric field (Specified with ‘Y’ data type).



Example - I


A          R DETAIL                                               

A            FLD1          10Y 0B  3 12EDTWRD('  -  -  -  -  ')   

A                                      COLOR(RED)                 

A                                  3  2'FIELD-1: '                




FIELD-1:  11-22-33-44-55




Example - II


A          R DETAIL                                          

A            FLD1          10Y 3B  3 12EDTWRD('$       .   ')

A                                      COLOR(RED)            

A                                  3  2'FIELD-1: '           




FIELD-1:  $1122334.455


Here, currency symbol used is not part of the data length displayed on the screen.




Example - III


     A            S_FLD001     10Y 3O  2 10EDTWRD('               .   ')




S_OFRMAMT = 9999999.999




Example - IV


     A            C_FLD001      10  2O 08 38

     A                                      EDTWRD('       0.  ')




Before EDTWRD, Value of C_FLD001= .12

After EDTWRD, Value of C_FLD001=0.12




Example - V


     A            STIME56        6Y 0O 13 13

     A                                      EDTWRD('0  :  :  ')




Before EDTWRD, Value of STIME= 1:12:12

After EDTWRD, Value of STIME=01:12:12



A zero stops zero suppression.

We place it in the farthest right position where zero suppression is to stop. That’s why here the time is not suppressed at the leftmost position.


**Note: We have given 2 blank spaces after ‘0’ in EDTWRD.



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