%SIZE Built-In Functions in rpgle

%SIZE function returns the number of bytes occupied by the element.

The argument may be a literal, a named constant, a data structure, a field, an array etc.

For a null value field %SIZE returns full length.

If *ALL is specified as the second parameter for %SIZE, then the elements or occurrences size is also taken into account for array or multiple occurrence data structure

Below can be the possible format of this function:




%SIZE(multiple occurrence data structure{:*ALL})

Example –%size built-in function in rpgle

Columns . . . :    6  80               
FMT D  DName+++++++++++ETDsFrom+++To/L+++IDc.Keywords+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
0001.00 dvar              s              5p 0
0002.00 dnum              s              5p 0
0003.00 dds1              ds                  occurs(5)
0004.00 dname                           10a
0005.00 daddr                           20a
0006.00 c                   eval      num=%size(var)
0007.00 c     num           dsply
0008.00 c                   eval      num=%size(name)
0009.00 c     num           dsply
0010.00 c                   eval      num=%size(addr)
0011.00 c     num           dsply
0012.00 c                   eval      num=%size(ds1)
0013.00 c     num           dsply
0014.00 c                   eval      num=%size(ds1:*all)
0015.00 c     num           dsply
0016.00 c                   seton                                            lr
****************** End of data ********************************************


DSPLY      3             
DSPLY     10             
DSPLY     20             
DSPLY     30             
DSPLY    150 

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