·         F is the alphabetic code used for File Description specifications.    


To prompt F SPEC given the line command: IPF                                      


Prompt type . . .    F      Sequence number . . .  '''''''
File        File          End of        File
Filename      Type     Designation       File       Addition       Sequence
________       _            _              _            _              _
File      Record      Limits        Length of          Record
Format    Length    Processing      Key Field       Address Type
_        ____          _             ____              _
Organization        Device     Keywords
_              ______     __________________________

1.      File name: Mention here name of the file that you are going to use in your program.

2.      File Type: Mention the file type as I,O,U,C where I= INPUT, O=OUTPUT,U=UPDATE,C=COMBINED.

                  These are the modes in which we are going to use the file. C is used for display file.

3.      File Designation: Mention the File Designation as P,S,F where P=PRIMARY,S=SECONDARY,F=FULL PROCEDURAL.

Primary File = Record will be processed in the order; from start to end by rpg program cycle i.e. OPEN, READ, PROCESS, CLOSE. User can't change this order. There can be only one primary file in the program.

Secondary Files = Secondary files apply to programs that do multifile processing. All of the files involved in multifile processing, except the primary file, are secondary files.

Full Procedural file = User can control any order by rpg program opcode. User can change any order by rpg opcode. With full procedural files the programmer determines which record or a block of records to be read by way of the value of the key field used.

4.      File Addition: Mention ‘A’ if you want to add record to the DISK FILE. In update mode of file, use ‘A’ file designation.

5.      File Format: Mention if the file is program described or externally described.

6.      Record Address Type: Mention this field entry as ‘K’ if the file is a keyed file, blank if the file is a sequential access file or based on RRN.

7.      Device: Mention the device as DISK, PRINTER or WORKSTN.




FCZGD02A0  IF   E           K DISK    INCLUDE(CZTD02A2)        
F                                     PREFIX(D20:3)            
Fcmgq08a0  if   e           k disk    ignore(cmtq08a1:cmtq08a3)
FSSG043A0  IF A E           K Disk    RENAME(SSH04310:SSH04310A)



Ü F SPEC continuation line


   The prompt used for this is IPFK in RPG-400


o   In order to refer the named record format as a subfile record format in the program.

  • In order to rename the record format of a database file in a program.
  • In order to define a named data structure as a file information data structure.

    In RPGLE these keywords are defined in the keywords option.



Ü F SPEC Keywords


o  COMMIT{(rpg_name)}

    The COMMIT keyword allows the processing files under commitment control. By specifying the optional parameter, you can control at run time whether to enable commitment control. If the parameter contains a '1', the file will be opened with the COMMIT indication on, otherwise the file will be opened without COMMIT.

o  IGNORE(recformat{:recformat...})

The IGNORE keyword allows a record format from an externally described file to be ignored. The external name of the record format to be ignored is specified as the parameter recformat. One or more record formats can be specified, separated by colons (:).


FACCLG01  IF   E           K DISK    IGNORE(Rec_format_2: Rec_format_3)

Suppose ACCLG01 has 3 record formats Rec_format_1, Rec_format_2 and Rec_format_3.

Now if we need only Rec_format_1 in our program, then we can IGNORE rest of the two record formats Rec_format_2 and Rec_format_3.


o  INCLUDE(recformat{:recformat...})

The INCLUDE keyword specifies those record format names that are to be included; all other record formats contained in the file will be ignored.


FACCLG01  IF   E           K DISK    INCLUDE(Rec_format_1)

Suppose ACCLG01 has 3 record formats Rec_format_1, Rec_format_2 and Rec_format_3.

Now if we need only Rec_format_1 in our program, then we can INCLUDE this record format and rest of the record formats will be ignored.

o  PREFIX(prefix{:nbr_of_char_replaced})

The PREFIX keyword is used to partially rename the fields in an externally described file. PREFIX(YE:3) would change the field name 'YTDTOTAL' to 'YETOTAL'.


FACCLG01  UF A E           K Disk
F                                     Prefix(A01:3)
FACCLG02  UF A E           K Disk
F                                     Prefix(A02:3)

Here above logical files ACCLOG1 and ACCLOG2 both are based on same physical file and only difference is their key fields. But they do have same field names. If we are using both file at the same time, we cannot distinguish the field name of the two. Hence, to overcome this problem we use PREFIX that partially renames the fields of the file.

Here ACCLG01 file will have its field’s first 3 character replaced with A01 and ACCLG02 file will have its field’s first 3 character replaced with A02.

o  RENAME(Ext_format:Int_format)

The RENAME keyword allows you to rename record formats in an externally described file.


FACCLG01  UF A E           K Disk
F                                     Rename(format1:format_xxx)
FACCLG02  UF A E           K Disk
F                                     Rename(format1:format_yyy)

Suppose we are using two files ACCLG01 and ACCLG02 both having the same record format name format1, In such a case to distinguish the two files on the basis of their record format name, we can use the RENAME keyword to rename the record format of one file to make it different than the other one.

Here the new record format name for the two file will be format_xxx and format_yyy.

o  SFILE(recformat:rrnfield)


Type the name of the record format and the field to contain the relative record number for the entry field to be processed as a subfile.  This keyword is valid only for externally described files.




If we compile the program, we can see in the compiler report that all the formats related to the subfile will get included in the program by using subfile.


Compiler report  
         *                               RPG name         External name        
         * File name. . . . . . . . . :  SFLMSGDSP        AMIT/SFLMSGDSP       
         * Record format(s) . . . . . :  ACCSFL           ACCSFL               
         *                               ACCCTL           ACCCTL               
         *                               MSGSFL           MSGSFL               
         *                               MSGCTL           MSGCTL               


o   USROPN   

    Specify this keyword to indicate that the file must be explicitly opened with the OPEN operation and should be closed with CLOSE operation.


* The printer file is opened in the calculation specifications
FFILE1   O    F  132        DISK USROPN
    // Open the file if it is not already open
    if not %open (FILE1);
       open FILE1;


o   EXTMBR('member name') EXTMBR('*ALL')

Using EXTMBR ('member name’), we can use the member that we want to access of the file mentioned here in F-Spec.

If instead of any member name, we mention EXTMBR ('*ALL'), then all the members are accessed one by one.

    Example: Used in example of INFDS.



o   INFDS(data structure name)



A file information data structure (INFDS) can be defined for each file to make file exception/error and file feedback information available to the program.

Example: Using INFDS & EXTMBR


>>>> To read all members of a PF


 Columns . . . :    1  71           Browse                       AMIT/QRPGLESRC
 SEU==>                                                                MBR_READ
 FMT FX .....FFilename++IPEASF.....L.....A.Device+.Keywords++++++++++++++++++++
        *************** Beginning of data *************************************
0001.00      FCUST      IF   E             DISK    EXTMBR('*ALL')              
0001.01      F                                     INFDS(FILEDS)               
0001.02       *                                                                
0001.03      DFILEDS           DS                                              
0001.04      DRECORD             *RECORD                                       
0001.05      DMEMBER                 129    138                                
0001.06      DDB_RRN                 397    400I 0                             
0001.07       *                                                                 
0001.08       *                                                                
0001.09      DDATA1            DS                                              
0001.10      DFLD1                           10                                 
0001.11      DFILLER1                         2    INZ('--')                   
0001.12      DFLD2                           10                                
0001.13      DFILLER2                         2    INZ('--')                    
0001.14      DFLD3                            4  0                             
0001.15      DFILLER3                         2    INZ('--')    
0001.16       *                                                                
0001.17       *                                                                 
0001.18      DDATA2            DS                                              
0001.19      DFLD4                            6                                
0001.20      DFILLER4                         2    INZ('--')                   
0001.21      DFLD5                           10                                
0001.22      DFILLER5                         2    INZ('--')                   
0001.23      DFLD6                            5  0                             
0001.24      DFILLER6                         2    INZ('--')                   
0001.25      DFLD7                           10  0                             
0001.26       *                                                                 
0001.27       *                                                                
0001.28       *                                                                
0002.00      C                   READ      CUST                                 
0003.00      C                   DOW       NOT %EOF(CUST) AND *IN90=*OFF       
0003.02      C                   EVAL      FLD1=MEMBER                         
0003.03      C                   EVAL      FLD2=RECORD            
0003.04      C                   EVAL      FLD3=DB_RRN                         
0003.05      C                   EVAL      FLD4=CSNBR                          
0003.06      C                   EVAL      FLD5=CSNAME                         
0003.07      C                   EVAL      FLD6=CS#OPN                         
0003.08      C                   EVAL      FLD7=CS$OPN                         
0003.09      C     DATA1         DSPLY                                         
0003.10      C     DATA2         DSPLY                                         
0003.11      C                   READ      CUST                                
0004.00      C                   ENDDO                                         
0005.00      C                   SETON                                        LR
        ****************** End of data ****************************************




                           Work with Members Using PDM                 SYSTEM09
 File  . . . . . .   CUST                                                      
   Library . . . .     AMIT                 Position to  . . . . .             
 Type options, press Enter.                                                    
   3=Copy    4=Delete         5=Display   7=Rename    8=Display description    
   9=Save    13=Change text   18=Change using DFU     25=Find string ...       
 Opt  Member      Date        Text                                             
      CUST        07/27/12                                                      
      MBR2        07/23/12                                                     
      MBR3        07/23/12
 Parameters or command                                                          
 F3=Exit          F4=Prompt             F5=Refresh            F6=Create        
 F9=Retrieve      F10=Command entry     F23=More options      F24=More keys    


File’s member Data


CUST data                                                                             
       CSNBR   CSNAME      CS#OPN          CS$OPN
000001 000001  AMI              0             .00
000002 000002  upi              0             .00
000003 000003  KUM              0             .00
000004 000004  RAHIN       12,256      454,654.51
000005 000005  HARISH         980      798,789.00
MBR2 data                                                                             
        CSNBR   CSNAME      CS#OPN          CS$OPN                    
 000001 100002  upi              0             .00                    
 000002 100003  KUM              0             .00                    
MBR3 data                                                                              
CSNBR   CSNAME      CS#OPN          CS$OPN                  
100003  KUM              0             .00 









                           Display Program Messages                            
 CUST      --CUSTR     --0001--                                         
 000001--AMI       --00000--0000000000                                  
 CUST      --CUSTR     --0002--                                         
 000002--upi       --00000--0000000000                                  
 CUST      --CUSTR     --0003--                                         
 000003--KUM       --00000--0000000000                                   
 CUST      --CUSTR     --0004--                                         
 000004--RAHIN     --12256--0000454654                                  
 CUST      --CUSTR     --0005--                                         
 000005--HARISH    --00980--0000798789                                  
 MBR2      --CUSTR     --0001--                                         
 100002--upi       --00000--0000000000                                  
 MBR2      --CUSTR     --0002--                                          
 100003--KUM       --00000--0000000000                                  
 MBR3      --CUSTR     --0001--                                         
 100003--KUM       --00000--0000000000         




Example 2: INFDS using 369 position of display file to handle PAGEUP, PAGEDOWN, ENTER KEY…



  f MyScreen    c f   e            workstn INFDS (ScnDS)
  d ScnDS           ds                                
   * Attention Indicator Byte
  d  PressKey             369    369
  d EnterKey        c                   const(x'F1')
  d RollUp          c                   const(x'F5')                         
  d RollDown        c                   const(x'F4')                         
       when PressKey = EnterKey;  // Enter Key pressed
       - - - - - - - - - -  // Do programming for Enter Key
       when PressKey = RollUp;
- - - - - - - - - -  // Do programming for RollUp
       when PressKey = RollDown;
- - - - - - - - - -  // Do programming for RollDown

        Seton                     lr;








o   INFSR(subroutine_name)    


Type the name of the subroutine that will get control when an exception/error condition occurs.                                


ü  The file error subroutine can only be coded in the main source section. You cannot code an INFSR for a file that is used in subprocedure.


ü  Specifying INFSR (*PSSR) means that you want the "standard" *PSSR subroutine to handle the file exception which it would do by default - that's the reason why *PSSR is handling the exceptions for your files.

ü  If you only want exceptions handled for the specific file then give the subroutine a name other than *PSSR, for example "FileErrSr" and assign that with INFSR(FileErrSr).      

However, you would still get the other file exceptions being handled by *PSSR (unless you removed it). If you wanted to keep your *PSSR and not have it handling errors for the other files then create an empty subroutine called something like "IgnoreFileErr" and assign INFSR(IgnoreFileErr)  to those files.






o  OFLIND(indicator) 

Indicator value from *INOA to *INOG or *INOV, is used to specify the overflow condition for the program described printer files.


Indicator value from *IN01 to *IN99 is used to specify the overflow condition for the externally described   printer files.




Externally described printer file PRINT4


Columns . . . :    1  80                                      Browse            AMIT/QRPGLESRC
 SEU==>                                                                                 PRINT4
 FMT A* .....A*. 1 ...+... 2 ...+... 3 ...+... 4 ...+... 5 ...+... 6 ...+... 7 ...+... 8
*************** Beginning of data ***********************************************************
0000.01      A*%%***********************************************************************
0000.02      A*%%TS  RD  20  085008  ARUN        REL-V5R4M0  5722-WDS
0000.03      A*%%FI+10660100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
0000.04      A*%%FI       0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
0000.05      A*%%***********************************************************************
0000.06      A          R RCD001
0000.07      A*%%***********************************************************************
0000.08      A*%%RI 00000
0000.09      A*%%***********************************************************************
0000.10      A  80                                 2
0000.11      A                                      'PARTY ACCOUNT INFOR'
0000.12      A                                      UNDERLINE
0000.13      A            FLD001         2S 0O    +2
0000.14      A                                      EDTCDE(L)
0000.15      A                                      UNDERLINE
0000.16      A*%%***********************************************************************
0000.17      A*%%SS
0000.18      A*%%***********************************************************************
0000.19      A          R HEADER
0000.20      A*%%***********************************************************************
0000.21      A*%%RI 00000
0000.22      A*%%FS 001
0000.23      A*%%***********************************************************************
0000.24      A                                      SPACEB(002)
0000.25      A                                     9
0000.26      A                                      'ORG'
0000.27      A                                      HIGHLIGHT
0000.28      A                                    +9
0000.29      A                                      'ACCOUNT NO'
0000.30      A                                    +9
0000.31      A                                      'CCY'
0000.32      A                                    +9
0000.33      A                                      'PARTY NO'
0000.34      A*%%***********************************************************************
0000.35      A*%%SS
0000.36      A*%%***********************************************************************
0000.37      A          R DETAIL
0000.38      A*%%***********************************************************************
0000.39      A*%%RI 00005
0000.40      A*%%***********************************************************************
0000.41      A                                      SPACEB(001)
0000.42      A            ORG       R        O     9
0000.43      A                                      REFFLD(REC1/ORG AMIT/MASTER)
0000.44      A            ACC       R        O    +8
0000.45      A                                      REFFLD(REC1/ACC AMIT/MASTER)
0000.46      A            CCY       R        O    +8
0000.47      A                                      REFFLD(REC1/CCY AMIT/MASTER)
0000.48      A            PARTY     R        O    +8
0000.49      A                                      REFFLD(REC1/PARTY AMIT/MASTER)
0000.50      A*%%***********************************************************************
0000.51      A*%%SS
0000.52      A*%%SS
0000.53      A*%%SS
0000.54      A*%%SS
0000.55      A*%%SS
0000.56      A*%%SS
0000.57      A*%%***********************************************************************
0000.58      A          R FOOTER
0000.59      A*%%***********************************************************************
0000.60      A*%%RI 00000
0000.61      A*%%FS 001
0000.62      A*%%***********************************************************************
0000.63      A                                      SPACEB(002)
0000.64      A                                    13
0000.65      A                                      'TOTAL CUSTOMER FOUND = '
0000.66      A            TOTAL          2S 0O    +0
0000.67      A*%%***********************************************************************
0000.68      A*%%SS
0000.69      A*%%CP+999CRTPRTF
0000.70      A*%%CP+    FILE(AMIT/PRINT4)
0000.71      A*%%CP+    DEVTYPE(*SCS)
0000.72      A*%%CP     PAGESIZE(*N       071      *N     )
0000.73      A*%%CS+999CRTPRTF
0000.74      A*%%CS+    FILE(QTEMP/QPRDRPT   )
0000.75      A*%%CS+    DEVTYPE(*SCS)
0000.76      A*%%CS     PAGESIZE(*N       132      *N     )
0000.77      A*%%***********************************************************************
****************** End of data ***************************************************


 Print program using OFLIND


Columns . . . :    6  80                Browse                             AMIT/QRPGLESRC
SEU==>                                                                         PRINT4PGMC
FMT *   *. 1 ...+... 2 ...+... 3 ...+... 4 ...+... 5 ...+... 6 ...+... 7 ...+... 8
*************** Beginning of data *******************************************************
0002.00 FMASTER    IF   E           K DISK
0003.00 FPRINT4    O    E             PRINTER OFLIND(*IN99)
0004.00 C                   Z-ADD     0             COUNT             2 0
0005.00 C                   WRITE     HEADER
0006.00 C                   READ      REC1                                   80
0007.00 C     *IN80         DOWEQ     *OFF
0008.00 C   99              WRITE     HEADER
0009.00 C                   WRITE     DETAIL
0010.00 C                   ADD       1             COUNT
0011.00 C                   READ      REC1                                   80
0012.00 C                   IF        COUNT=5  >>>> Here overflow condition will occur after 5 are printed.
0013.00 C                   SETON                                        99
0014.00 C                   ELSE
0015.00 C                   SETOFF                                       99
0016.00 C                   ENDIF
0017.00 C                   ENDDO
0018.00 C                   MOVEL     COUNT         TOTAL
0019.00 C                   WRITE     FOOTER
0020.00 C                   SETON                                        LR







  ORG      ACCOUNT NO         CCY          PARTY NO     
  190      A00000000001       EUR          P00000000001 
  190      A00000000006       USD          P00000000006 
  190      A00000000009       TRY          P00000000009 
  191      A00000000002       USD          P00000000002 
  191      A00000000004       EUR          P00000000004 
  ORG      ACCOUNT NO         CCY          PARTY NO     
  191      A00000000005       USD          P00000000005 
  191      A00000000007       EUR          P00000000007 
  191      A00000000008       USD          P00000000008 
           TOTAL CUSTOMER FOUND = 08



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