Ü  PARM (Define Parameters)

·         This opcode is used to define PLIST parameter fields.



       I.            Called program uses PLIST/PARM to take the parameters sent by the calling program.

C     *ENTRY        PLIST
C                   PARM                    OLDLIB1
C                   PARM                    NEWLIB1
C                   PARM                    OLDLIB2
C                   PARM                    NEWLIB2
C                   PARM                    OLDLIB3
C                   PARM                    NEWLIB3




II.    Calling Program sending the parameters using PARM

0021.27 C                   CALL      'MSGSFLCL'                               
0021.28 C                   PARM                    MSGID             7        
0021.29 C                   PARM                    MSGF             10        
0021.30 C                   PARM                    MSGDTA           62        
0021.31 C                   PARM                    MSGOPT            1 


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